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The Class movie

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Movies have always had influence on people who watch them. There is a variety of genres with each having its auditory that can find everything they desire. As a matter of fact, directors also pick actors who perfectly suit their roles. One of the high-quality movies I have watched recently is The Class. Therefore, this paper will show my thoughts about this film .

To begin with, The Class is a French movie about a school life of seven-grade students. The way they behaved was not appropriate for a school, and their level of education was not very high either. Those children were from different colonies which France had many years ago. For example, Wei was from China, and Suleiman was from Africa. Those children were not proud of the fact that they were French. Esmeralda once said that there was nothing to be proud of. Only Carl thought of his nationality positively. Their headmaster, Mr. Simonet tried to understand them better and involve kids into the educational process.

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After watching this movie, I was full of doubts. On the one hand, I thought of this class as of a simple class in school. Those kids are teenagers and, of course, they were difficult to deal with. On the other hand, their worlds were different from mine. To demonstrate, Wei thought that it was shameful to scream and fight during classes and mistook shame for breaking the discipline. Bubak felt ashamed for eating in front of his friend’s mother because it is not appropriate for his culture. I have never thought about it so much before I saw this movie. I find this fact interesting and educating.

Next thing to mention is feelings, thoughts, and beliefs of the students. Children thought that their headmaster was not interested in them; they said that he was different from them. Nevertheless, students had an interest in classes, they raised their hands and asked many questions. However, despite their fair answers, they still did not trust their teacher. Also, students thought about the problems they had in school. Wei told about his language barrier, Rabah said about how much he loved his motherland, and Carl said about how much he hated prison, war, and racism.

Another important thing to write about is the head teacher. Mr. Simonet did a great job educating children and getting closer to each one of them. In spite of the conflicts he had with Esmeralda, Suleiman, Khoumba and Louise, he tried to do something to keep Suleiman in school. From my point of view, Mr. Simonet had to apologize to them in front of the class and deserve some respect from the children.

One more thing to discuss is how the school handled those students. Teachers had many meetings and talked about solving problems with students. However, the question about the coffee machine was more important and interesting for them. At least, they had an idea of taking points because of a bad behavior. Mr. Simonet said that teachers punish children, but they do not encourage them.

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I also cannot agree with the way the school dealt with those children. When Suleiman was on the behave council with his mother, the school did not even invite a translator for her although the teachers knew that her son would not translate each word directly to the mother. Moreover, there was a teacher, who said that those kids should go back to their smelly slums and stay there.

In conclusion, there are things that could help the teachers to handle children. Firstly, I would have hired a professional psychologist for kids. There were teachers, who were not capable of solving many issues. Secondly, I would recommend teachers to be fair to their students because they both need the same level of respect. Thirdly, I would praise them a lot for their work and strong relations in class. I enjoyed this film, and there was no surprise for me that it has so many awards. I loved how realistic the school, teachers, and students looked.

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