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The Hurricane movie

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After a careful consideration of the intellectual and emotional impact of the biographical movie about Rubin Carter on me, I realized that it is both a tear-jerker and a rage-inducing movie. When watching The Hurricane, I felt sadness and anger that made me stand up and applaud Carter’s heroic character and, the same, curse the broken law enforcement system. Rubin Carter was innocent of all charges, but he still had to spend 20 years in prison (The Hurricane). There are no words to describe the type of injustice that he endured.

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Before finding the possible solutions to the problems related to the corrupt police force and the blue code of silence that they rely on to cover their mean deeds, it is important to point out the contextual background of Rubin Carter’s case. First of all, the boxer lived in an era and in a geographical location wherein discrimination against African Americans was tolerated. Racism and other forms of discrimination made it easier for police officers to disregard the sins committed by their fellow law-enforcement agents. Once the issue of racism and discrimination has been resolved, it is much easier to deal with the problem of corruption and the blue code of silence in the police force.

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There are a few possible solutions to the aforementioned problems. For example, the government should enhance the remuneration package and retirement benefits of police officers. However, there is no need to radically increase their monthly wages. The most important thing is to significantly alter the retirement benefits, which will motivate police officers to strive not to do anything that would jeopardize the opportunity to live the rest of their lives in relative comfort due to the benefits they will receive after serving for 20 years as police officers.

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