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The movie 'Avatar' by James Cameron

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Avatar a movie produced and directed by James Cameron is certainly a sensation that has been watched by many and even nominated for Oscar award. The movie captures two main issues that it tackles broadly namely imperialism and environmentalism.

The movie presents the people of the sky-imperialists who have travelled to a foreign land in search for a precious mineral. In the new land the foreigners discover that the mineral the so much wish to acquire is found beneath the home land of the native. They decide to alienate the natives from their home without giving any attention to the value these natives attach to their home. Certainly the people of the sky armed with a huge army commanded by Colonel Miles Quaritch are in the new land to enforce their will on the natives. This is imperialism since the people of the sky intent to dominate and subordinate the natives politically and economically.  The natives however successfully manage to fight the imperialism the same way many nations have fought imperialism in various part of the world.

The natives however, stay in close association with their environment and are therefore not ready to surrender it. Jake Sully an ex-marine and Dr, Grace Augustine realize how every component the environment in the new alien world is closely interlinked. The environment is still in it pristine state and therefore, Sully and Augustine decide to help the natives protect their environment from the destruction ways of the people of the sky. They act as environmentalist s helping protecting the environment from harm caused by resource exploitation and other human activities.

Certainly, James Cameron clear illustrated that we can not always have what we want or impose our will on every other person or nation.  He discourages imperialism. On that other hand environmental protection is an important issue that shouldn’t be ignored. Before taking anything from a particular ecosystem, we should consider how our actions will affect the rest of the ecosystem or environment.

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