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Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod

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Apple iPad, iPhone 4 and iPod touch are the products, which are equipped with a new forensic tool called Guidance Software. The very guidance software plays a vital role in forensic analysis and in e-discovery. Due to this forensic tool round about 78 percent of the people are ready to buy the iPad. Apple iPad, iPhone 4 and iPod devices have gained the attention of law enforcement agencies, security and e-discovery specialists although there are large numbers of other devices similar to somewhat these products.

The guidance software provides the support in the new product called EnCase Neutrino, which helps the user to collect most critical data within no time. Apple devices and guidance software are vital for crime departments in order to perform a forensic data analysis and this data will be beneficial in court cases. The very facilities provided by the Apple products also help in implementing security strategies within no time. Security professionals prefer iPad for primary investigations about certain cases in order to analyze it in a thorough way.

In the world round about 6 percent of the people are suffering from the skin disease called Neurodermatitis. So another software based product, called “NeuroDerMo” is introduced by Artificial Life, Inc. NeuroDerMo helps to monitor the serious skin problem called Neurodermatitis, and in the guidance or business application the inputs are given by the patient or doctor in order to analyze the condition of the disease.

The company has also launched a new mobile application called “GluCoMoTM” which is used to monitor diabetes with the help of mobile application called iPhone or iPad. Apple is currently planning new versions of iPad for next generation with the utilization of Wi-Fi, UTMS and CDMA technologies of the cell phone. The screens of the iPad will have the features like: anti-smudge and anti-reflective treatments in order to compete against Kindle and attract more consumers. (Molina)

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