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BMW i8 is a new age sports car. It demonstrates that the major principles of incorporating usage, solid straight-line performance and striking style will constantly be the major focus of the sports car proposition (“The drive of the BMWi8,” n.d.). The conjugation of an electrical engine and intense gasoline motor makes the BMW i8 the most innovative sports cars of the current time. The sports nature of the vehicle is obvious in all spheres. Accurate interaction between a petrol engine and electric drive assures effectiveness and dynamism in identical scale. The BMW uses specific eDrive technology. It helps to provide the complete torque of the quick electrical engine, which become approachable from a high start (“The drive of the BMWi8,” n.d.). On the other hand, an advanced cooler cycle preserves the high-tension batteries at their optimal operational temperature, which increases performance and operating life. Cultivated energy management synchronizes the interplay between the electrical engine with battery and petrol motor, and is directed towards maximal performance with minimal expenditures. The i8 is a standard hybrid with the petrol engine being both a generator and drive gear. The BMW i8 has TwinPower Turbo 1.5-litre 3-cylinder combustion engine (Radic, 2014).

The analysis of car operations demonstrates that the 170 kW motor appears to be highly free rotating and provides up to 320 Nm of torque (“The drive of the BMWi8,” n.d.). In addition, the dynamics and the great performance are companioned by excellent effectiveness. The last is proven by a total consumption of only 2.1 l per 100 km, while the level of CO2 emissions only reaches the figure of 49 g per kilometer (Radic, 2014). The car’s propulsion is electric and transmitted via the front wheels up to 40 mph, after which the combustion engine starts, providing power to the rear wheels (Radic, 2014). When the car works in sports mode, both the electric motor and combustion engine equip power to the rear and front wheels. The performance of the i8 is astonishing for a car with a three-cylinder engine. It can generate 227bhp from the combustion part of the hybrid-drive system and 129bhp from the electrical engine motor (Radic, 2014).

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Guy Laliberte

Guy Laliberte is one of those people who decided to take commercial space travel for personal adventure. Guy Laliberte is an owner of venerable Cirque Du Soleil, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2009 (Bertoni, 2011). Laliberte has popularity, firmness, expensive houses, cars, and a lot of money. Nevertheless, he acknowledged that he missed freedom and a challenge. This is a reason he bought a $35 million ticket to space and became first Canadian space tourist (Bertoni, 2011). Laliberte had to dedicate six months to Russian training prior to making his space flight to the International Space Station. The training was more than the man had expected. He had to pass numerous medical exams and the procedure of the rotating chair. He believes that rotating chair has been awful, as the person has to sit on this chair with closed eyes and move head in a particular direction while the chair spins. A person typically experiences nausea and sweating (Bertoni, 2011). Guy Laliberte spent 12 days on a board of a Russian Soyuz (Bertoni, 2011). He did not only enjoy the travel but also took many unbelievable and magnificent photos of his holiday up in space.

He photographed 40 countries during the trip (Alter, 2012). Photos were taken from space, at a distance of about 220 miles. The spacecraft moved with a speed of 17,500 miles per hour (which makes approximately 5 miles per second) (Alter, 2012). The Soyuz has done six tours around the Earth every 24 hours. These figures suggest that the spacecraft went around the Earth 176 times (Alter, 2012). Guy Laliberte’s space adventure was devoted to increasing awareness about water problems facing human. This purpose has made the spaceflight the first “poetic social mission” in space (Alter, 2012). Moreover, a 120-minute Internet-broadcasted program demonstrating various artistic shows in 14 cities on five continents, including the International Space Station, accompanied the flight (Alter, 2012).

Federal Express

Federal Express is one of the first express transportation organizations, which has realized the advantages of technology. FedEx utilizes the global largest computer and telecommunications network in order to be able to equip real-time package tracking for each shipment. The company’s couriers use SuperTracker carry-on computers for recording the transit of shipments via the FedEx integrated network (“Technological innovation at FedEx,” 2015). FedEx organization is able to define the status of their packages at all possible locations during the delivery route in real time. In addition, customers can follow their packages in three ways: through the FedEx web site, applying FedEx Ship Manager, or using FedEx World Shipping Software. Customer service agents enter shipping data into COSMOS (Customer Operations Service Master On-line System) via computer terminals. It allows processing the packaging and tracking it (“Technological innovation at FedEx,” n.d.). The system informs the operator, who is the nearest to the collection or delivery locations. Operators swap collection and delivery data to the couriers with a help of DADS (digitally assisted dispatch computer systems), which are present in all courier vans (“Technological innovation at FedEx,” n.d.).

Thus, SuperTrackers are utilized to follow the progress of the package for approximately five times from collection to delivery. Couriers scan the bar code on each invoice with their SuperTracker at each step of the delivery procedure. Scans are operated during the collection, after the arrival at the origin station, at the final station, when located on the courier’s van, and during the delivery. When a courier comes back to the vehicle, the data is transferred from the SuperTracker to DADS, which overhaul the locus of the package in the COSMOS system (“Technological innovation at FedEx,” n.d.). Thus, a customer is constantly capable of finding out precise location of the package and delivery time. Constant tracking provides Federal Express with a possibility to sustain positive control over the shipments (“Technological innovation at FedEx,” n.d.).

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