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Top Luxury SUVs

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Sport Utility Vehicles are built on a light truck chassis and are similar to a station wagon. They have the on and off road ability as they are equipped with four wheel. In addition, the SUVs are spacious as they have a passenger carrying capacity of a minivan or a Sedan. They are powerful as they have a towing capacity of a pick-up truck. However, the luxury SUVs are even fancier, have a high performance, technology, comfort and brand image.

The first top luxury SUV to be created was the Super Wagoneer. This was a creation of Kaiser Jeep and was manufactured in 1966. As a luxury sports utility vehicle, the Super Wagoneer came with a V8 engine, an automatic transmission and a luxury trim car. It also comprised of an air conditioning, vinyl roof, sun roof and bucket seating. This seemed like raising the bar for the Sports Utility Vehicles manufacturers as Land Rover immediately followed suit with the creation of their Range Rover. This trend continued with the SUVs manufacturers inculcating more comfort features to their truck based and rudimentary models. In 1990s, there was a noticeable increase in the production of these luxury models as they generated higher profit margins compared to the general automobiles. Consequently, some auto makers had to come up with luxury SUVs as their first models in the car industry. However, some SUVs are known as Crossovers unlike the traditional ones as they are not light trucks like the traditional ones (SILER, 2007).

The SUVs are more popular in areas that have poor infrastructure. In India for instance, there are more SUVs compared to other parts of the world as the country is known for its bad roads even in its cities. The luxury SUVs are made with a low-ground clearance and this is not suitable for roads which are not even as it promotes the scraping of the car where the road is broken. It also results in the breaking of the speed of the car. Despite that, the SUVs are usually produced in smaller five passenger model and the seven-passenger models. They all come with a cutting edge technology which and provide other luxurious amenities. These features are incorporated both on the inside and outside of the cabin of these vehicles. Besides been luxurious, SUVs usually offer a more cargo capacity in comparison to a Sedan and it is aimed at those who cherish a little style with SUV (Kurtz, 2009).

Besides been luxurious, the SUVs also offer a lot more safety attached to them. They comprise of side airbags, which are essential, if the car is hit from the sides or in case the car over turns, the passengers and driver will be safe from side injuries (Bradshe, 2002). The vehicles also have assistant breaking system (ABS) and traction control. The electronic stability control ensures that the car is stable on the road despite the speed which the car is travelling at. This also reduces the risks of the car over turning or losing control on the road. In addition to the side airbags, the luxury SUVs come with crash resistant door pillars which assist in the reduction of the impact from the sides, therefore, preventing much injury to the passengers.

The dynamic head restraint and the back-up sensing system also aid in reduction of the impacts. The ranking of the luxury sports utility vehicles is usually based on the in-depth analysis of its editors. The rankings are usually taken from the auto ratings and reviews on test drives. This is also the method which the United States and the world use in the ranking of the luxury SUVs. Since the cars are made for both luxury and speed, there are several parameters, which are used, in their ranking. This comprise of the interior, exterior, safety, score on performance and the reliability which is achieved by the use of vehicles. With such criteria used for ranking the luxury SUVs, only two models are currently top on the list; the 2010 Acura MDX, which is in, the first place and it are closely followed by the 2010 Lexus RX 350 model (SILER, 2007).

According to Buzzle, Acura ZDX been the highest ranked SUV in 2010 is a 5 passenger car with an all wheel drive standard car. It has a six-speed transmission and a 300 horse power with a 3.7 liter capacity. In addition, it also gets a higher rating due to its standard safety features such as the blind-spot warning and the collision mitigating features. The exterior consists of a silver-shield grille, short side windows and standard, panoramic glass roof. Audi Q7, which ranks second in the 2010 rankings are the first venture of Audi in the sports utility vehicles. It has a 25 horse power, a 3.0 liter fuel capacity and eight speed automatic transmission. The BMW X5 ranks thirdly although it is the most sought SUV by customers. They are sought by customers as they are spacious and luxury. It is an all wheel drive vehicle with a six speed automatic transmission (Buzzle, 2010).

In conclusion, the SUVs have gone a significant shift in make since 1966. They have transformed from the V8 engine model to the V6 with has a higher performance. Despite their four wheel drive, they have a low-road clearance which makes them not suitable for rough terrain or poor roads, which will increase, scraping and reduce the speed. Still, the SUVs are revered for their ABS systems, electronically stability control and the crash control pillars which help in the reduction of injury in case of an impact. With all these features, the luxury SUVs is the best cars on the planet.

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