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Working with Computers

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Operating computer hardware

A computer is an electronic device that accepts raw data and processes into meaningful information. A computer is made up of collective parts that work together to process data these parts; Central Process Unit which is responsible for performing handling instructions and controls operations of a computer. Memory chip a hardware in a computer where the application programs and current information is kept so as to facilitate quick access by the central processing unit.. Motherboard is a computer hardware that consists of a circuit that connects all the computer parts. Hard drive is a storage device used to store files and folders in a computer. CD-ROM/ Dvd drive is used to read and write data from a storage media.

Floppy drive is used to read data from floppy diskettes. External components of a computer can contain: keyboard which is used to type information and instructions to a computer. A mouse is used to point, click or navigate in a computer system. A monitor is used to display information in a computer. a scanner is used to input images in a computer through a process called scanning. Speakers in a computer environment are used to output music and audio information.

All these computer peripherals should be well interconnected so that the computer may run appropriately. . Computer Hardware comprises of the physical tangible components of a computer. E.g. Microprocessor,  Hard Disk, or a RaM.Computer Software includes applications that a user runs on a computer to process data, such as Excel. For a computer to provide useful information its hardware and software  communicate effectively

An Operating System is a specific piece of software that controls and manages computer hardware and helps hardware to interact with other software. E.g. Microsoft Windows, Linux. Computers should be well disposed one can dismantle the machine and use the parts that are correct there are computer manufacturers can offer to buy back the computer. Some metallic parts should be melted and the metal used elsewhere. One can also decide to donate old computers to institutions like schools or churches. Also before disposing a computer check with EPA at about rules and regulation of disposal. Make sure you dispose computer parts in an environmental friendly manner.

Use of computer input devices

Input devices are used to enter data into a computer. Inputs devices include keyboards, scanners, and mouse. A key board is the key data input device in computers. A keyboard should be well positioned to avoid strain while typing. The keys of a keyboard should not be hard to press .Also one should take regular pauses while doing work using the keyboard and constantly stretch your feet to reduce the strain . A mouse should be positioned near the keyboard to avoid strain. The mouse must be easy to click and easily movable.

Occupational health and safety procedures

There are several hazards in the working environment and to avoid this we have to practice good working habits or Ergonomics

Issues that relate to immediate work environment

In a work environment there are various health and safety hazards involved. In order to avoid these hazards we have to incorporate good working habits which are also known as ergonomics. These ergonomics give us guidelines towards a good working environment. Accidents may occur in a work place. It is in the best practice to investigate the root cause of the accident correct it and take steps towards preventing such an accident to ever occur again.

Occupational Overuse Injury occurs 

Exhaustion can be hazardous to ones body, hence it’s vital to take frequent rest breaks. The so in a working environment one should take up regular breaks to avoid fatigue which is dangerous.

Also it is advisable to walk and stretch in the office after some time.

CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitor emits electrons which may cause radiation which may be harmful to ones body. To avoid this it is advisable for one to behind a monitor back of avoid rays of radiation which are harmful. One is advised to stay far away  sit at least 2 feet from  the monitor’s  the potency of an electromagnetic field diminishes as the of the space from its source increases. The lighting in ones work place should be well distributed. Natural light should brighten up the room, without enabling you to see the light directly. Also adjust your monitor light accordingly and use a computer background that is less bright to avoid damaging ones eyes. Take the chance to refocus your eyes severally while working to reduce strain on the eyes

The way furniture surrounding a computer is placed is vey important, furniture should be set up to avoid strain while working. Your chair should be effortlessly adjustable in all ways. Manual lifting should also be done cautiously as it may one may end up injuring his or her back. One should bend on at the waist and expand the upper body. This changes the spine’s position and moves the abdominal centre of balance forcing the spine to hold equally the load on the upper body and the weight on the load that one is lifting.

In order to gain ergonomics we should observe the following Conducting regular inspections, to ensure hazards are minimized always perform health and safety inspection. Supporting the progress of ergonomics check, bring up to date and accomplishment of OH&S rules, processes and strategy. It’s also important to take into consideration environmental requirements in relation to usage, discarding of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Ergonomics is vital in the Information Technology industry in understanding how of how a computer works. Without a good practice of ergonomics it may be difficult to operate in the working environment. Compliance to these OH&S rules enhances good results and achievement organizational goals. Individuals have a responsibility adhere to all set ergonomics set by an organization.

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